Storefront is turning the year-long lease into a thing of the past

Store today. Gone tomorrow.


It’s easier than ever to open an online shop, but for all the attention ecommerce receives, a reported 94% of retail sales still occur offline.

Signing a lease on an IRL location, on the other hand, is pricey, difficult, and massively risky. So what’s the budding entrepreneur to do?

San Francisco’s Storefront wants to help.

Companies looking for short term leases can plug in desired dates and budgets to Storefront’s platform and browse over 3,000 listings available for short-term rentals. Once you choose a spot, Storefront generates a rental agreement; renters pay over the company’s payment platform, and general liability is part of the deal, too.

Storefront has been available in New York and San Francisco for a few years and recently expanded to Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston, and Atlanta. The company lists over 10 million square feet of retail space; roughly the amount of space of all the Gap stores in the US, Eliason said.

“The brands that work with Storefront want revenue, for sure, but it’s also about brand awareness and building trust, and there’s plenty of info out there on how much trust you can build online (not much),” Eliason said.

And it’s not just small business types using the platform. Target used a Storefront space to test a new line of products, and Kanye West used it to sell merchandise while on tour. (Perhaps Yeezy could set up another shop to relieve his debt…)

You can learn more about Storefront right here.

Now go forth (and get real).