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Companies like Chegg and PricewaterhouseCooper have begun offering their employees a big new perk – student loan repayment assistance.

Considering the average student loan debt for a class of 2016 graduate stands at a whopping $37,172, the offer to help pay it off is a pretty big incentive to join a company.

But it’s not quite that simple – as the gurus at Student Loan Hero point out, “There are many pros and cons when it comes to taking a job that offers some form of student loan repayment. For one, the tax implication will mean that your job’s payout may be far less than actually advertised.”

Despite this, it is worth it to consider a position with a company that pays off student loans. It shows a commitment towards employee’s financial well-being while also providing a much-needed safety net to employees straddled with student loan debt.

Companies that pay off student loans for their employees are still rare. Whether or not your employer offers help, there’s an easy way to get ahead of your university debt.

Student Loan Hero syncs, organizes and analyzes student loans from both federal and private loan providers and then creates a customized action plan that include forgiveness, refinancing, consolidation and other options that can save you thousands of dollars.

It’s totally free – all you have to do is register.