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Agency One Long House gets light and lean

Could the blueprint for building today’s digital startups actually have its origins in the X-Men? Consider the similarities: assemble a team of the most talented, slightly weird individuals you can find (regardless of location) with the right variety of skills and the ass-kicking will begin.

That’s the model employed by interactive agency One Long House, a collective of artists, designers, and developers who can be called up for any given project. There are no offices – just twelve members scattered across the globe. Past clients have included the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, and Hammer Museum.

“Our model is very lean and light,” said Creative Director and co-founder Alan Stuart (our modern-day Professor Xavier). “We have everything we need to build a company from our network, but almost no overhead, which gives us the luxury to be creative and turn down more projects than we take on.”

One Long House operates from a unique 50/50 model, sourcing half of their projects from clients and dedicating the other half to ideas generated in-house.

“Client projects are great because they have big budgets, but… deep down, most creatives want to create,” Stuart said. “If we build stuff ourselves, we can totally fail and fall flat on our faces, but then again it could also be a big hit.”

One Long House is always looking for new blood – across skill sets – and takes such inquiries here.

Now go forth (and assemble).

Nitty Gritty:

12: Creatives in the One Long House Network

86: Official X-Men (including recruits)

$296,339,717: Worldwide Box Offices Sales from 1st X-Men Movie


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