6 Sustainable Tech Companies That Are Hiring Now

What matters most to you about the company you work for? How much they pay? (Sure.) How many fancy snacks they have? (Of course.) Whether or not they’re making a truly positive impact on the world we live in? (Hopefully!) If sustainable business practices play a big role in dictating your career choices, look no further — here are 6 sustainable tech companies that are hiring now.

EcobeeWhat’s worse: coming home on a frigid winter night to an equally frigid living room, or coming home on a frigid winter night to a cozy, heated home… and an eye-popping heating bill? Ecobee doesn’t want any of us to be faced with that dilemma, and their smart thermostats are getting, well, smarter with each iteration, helping residents better conserve energy along with their bank accounts. Heat up your job search by checking out Ecobee’s openings here.

Nebia: California’s drought may have been officially declared over, but the worldwide need for better water conservation still persists. With Nebia’s latest iteration of their water-saving showerhead due to drop this summer, now would seem an excellent time to join their team. Dive into Nebia’s open roles here.

Imperfect Produce: Ugly apples need love too, you know. Imperfect Produce takes the 20% of perfectly edible fruits and vegetables that grocery stores won’t sell due to their Instagram-unfriendly appearance, and delivers that pretty-on-the-inside produce to customers at a reduced price. As they continue to grow nationally in their efforts to fight food waste, Imperfect Produce may have the perfect job for you. See them all here.

Indigo: A rising darling among sustainable tech companies, Indigo is the leading the next generation of agricultural practices through digital tech and natural microbiology. They service growers, buyers, and consumers, all in the hopes of empowering a healthy farming industry, in every sense of the word. Sound like a company you’d like to work? Indi…go here to see their openings.

Sidewalk Labs: The cities of tomorrow may look very little like the cities of yesterday… for good reason. Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is taking on the challenges of urban growth through sustainable public spaces, better digital infrastructure, and numerous other approaches. Among their most ambitious projects: a brand new mixed-use community on the Toronto waterfront that will aim to be a standard setter for other sustainable communities and sustainable tech companies to come. See their openings here.

EcoVadis: Ultimately, the most effective way to encourage more sustainable business practices from companies big and small may be the almighty dollar. EcoVadis’s sustainability ratings platform provides actionable sustainability scorecards for businesses large and small, and even sheds some light on how sustainable practices can mean a better bottom line. Check out EcoVadis’s jobs page here.