Tales of the crypt(o) + Get on board with these Pinterest jobs

This summer, we’re finding new ways to open doors for our network (via GIPHY)

CipherHealth is ready to battle healthcare’s bad rap

CipherHealth is seeking a Senior Account Executive that’s ready to take ownership of the brand’s products and services in the Health Systems field. From lead identification through contract negotiation and signing, you’ll manage the entire sales cycle in order to solidify the sales pipeline.

Lather, rinse, but don’t repeatedly apply to this job

Searching for a job is like searching for the right skin routine: you’re only going to see results if you apply daily. But if you’re serious about serums and other beauty products, then the Subscription Operations Associate at Birchbox is calling your name. You’ll manage the set-up of monthly box pages and customization choices on site including asset creation, image and copy uploads along with QA and publishing. You’ll also work with the customer operations team to identify challenges and improve delivery procedures on behalf of subscribers. 

Recruiting roles at Pinterest: we dare you to get board

If you don’t get the pun, run away from this job, because you’re going to want to know what makes Pinterest pleasurable. Once you’ve figured that out – also known as reading the website’s About Us section, send in your details with a cover letter for an opportunity like these Recruiting Coordinator roles in Engineering and Business geared towards candidates with zero to two years of work experience.

Class of 2020: Did you know about this early career program at Exiger?

Why do we like to feature companies that offer structured programs to new grads entering the workforce? Because in a study that examined young professionals being thrown to the wolves, 100% of wolves agree it’s no longer fun anymore and it’s caused them to switch to a vegan diet. That’s why we had to highlight Exiger. They’re looking for an Analyst to join their industry renowned Advisory program, which teaches the fundamentals of financial compliance. The year-long program also includes professional skills development workshops, with all participants being assigned an Executive Sponsor to help navigate their career path. If you want to learn where you’ll wind up after the program ends, you can learn more about current career paths at Exiger here.

Finance isn’t scary when you’re a real life crypt(o) keeper

If you consider your writing personality an invisible twin, then you’ll probably appreciate working for Gemini. They’re a cryptocurrency exchange, and are seeking a versatile Content Writer to educate audiences through blog, website, and additional copy about the use of digital currency and related technologies.

Did you hear about the eye and mouth debacle? 

To wrap up this weekly edition on Intel, we’re leaving you with a think session courtesy of Wired about the “It Is What It Is” emoji (👁👄👁) wave that crashed the Twitterverse recently. Targeting VC’s, a group of tech pros turned an imaginary private beta opportunity into real life Will the lessons learned from the stunt/genius tactic help those in tech pay more attention to diversity and culture in the long run? Is calling attention to social movements through the use of memes and emojis something that can work in the long run? What’s your take?