Tech lawsuits + testing LA’s hyperloop

When the hiring manager calls you in at Hyperloop One

Join us in supporting Color Of Change

In June, we published our ongoing plan to have a larger positive impact on our team, communities, and clients – specifically through the lens of social justice and racial equity.

As one part of this plan, our team selects an organization each quarter whose work embodies and advances this mission. We then make a monetary donation, help to promote the organization and its work, and identify any other ways that we might be able to support their efforts.

This quarter, we’re proud to announce that our team has selected Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization with over 7 million members. 

To learn more about Color Of Change and some of the many ways that you can join us in supporting their efforts, click here.

Case #2020: The People v. Albert Gorithm

Are these credit-scoring algorithms to blame for denying jobs, housing, and essential health services to select applicants? MIT Technology Review reveals the brewing legal fight that awaits public agencies and how it could impact the software they choose to help inform decisions. 

If you’re intrigued by human data, consider pointing out areas of improvement to Cloudreach’s People Operations Team with their Human Resources Data Internship.

The DOJ doesn’t “like” Facebook’s hiring practices

The U.S. Department of Justice recently opened a lawsuit accusing Facebook of discriminating against U.S. workers, claiming that Facebook created an unfair hiring system that rewards temporary workers, including those with H-1B visas, over qualified U.S. citizens.

Facebook and other tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Apple argue that “there are not enough American students graduating with science and engineering degrees to meet the demand for filling jobs in areas such as artificial intelligence.”

However, the DOJ’s lawsuit – and a May 2020 report by the Economic Policy Institute – argues that companies like Facebook take advantage of visa programs in order to legally pay workers below market wages.

Sports analytics > sports analysts

Relying on data instead of “the experts” to create your fantasy football team is why you made the playoffs this year. Well, that and not choosing Tom Brady as your starting QB.  

If you want to dive deeper into sports analytics, Second Spectrum is evaluating talent to join its team as a starting Full Stack Software Engineer.

Apply if you’ve got 3+ years of experience using TypeScript/React and WebSocket, and make sure your resume highlight reel includes any leadership examples of scoring big on feature releases.

Because Elon Musk can’t do it all despite what his brand says

When we’re finally able to travel safely, we’re going to enjoy new and old ways to get from A to B. That’s why jobs like this Test Fixture Design Engineer at Virgin Hyperloop need applicants. Apply if you’re a pro at 3D modeling and start all your dinner party conversations with facts about geometric dimensioning practices.

December 2020 graduates: Apply to these remote Coordinator roles

We’re ending this week’s Intel with a round-up of Coordinator roles that new grads and early career professionals should have their eyes on when seeking out landing spots.

If you’re sold on a sales career, apply to the coveted title of Affiliate Coordinator at The Coveteur.

If customer care is where your talents shine, Heal is hiring a Patients Operations Coordinator to serve as the point person for their healthcare support network.

And if, incidentally, you enjoy the technical aspects of payment solutions, Braintree Payments is recruiting a smooth communicator to become its next Incident Coordinator, where you’ll take charge of the company’s incident management processes and policies.


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