Tesla Is Constructing the World’s Largest Building

Did you know flamethrowers are not federally regulated and that it's possible to buy one on the internet? Apparently this is not a joke, but we really wish it were.

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

Bad Times Abroad
Amazon’s Tokyo offices were raided by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission on suspicions of antitrust practices. Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is investigating Apple on allegations of price-fixing. German authorities charged that Facebook has been unwilling to cooperate in criminal investigations. Thailand is declaring temples, schools, and royal grounds off-limits to Pokémon Go. And the U.S. is stepping up the Great Firewall, with President Obama elevating the status of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command to prepare for cyber attacks from abroad.

Remember When Walmart Seemed Invincible?
Walmart, faced with dire economic forecasts as more consumers buy online, acquired Amazon competitor Jet for $3.3 billion.

Go Big
Tesla plans to construct the world’s largest building in the Nevada desert. The Gigafactory will produce rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in a facility three times the size of Central Park. According to WNYC, “The Gigafactory will run on 100 percent renewable energy, is earthquake-proof, and workers will go in 24/7 to produce batteries ‘faster than bullets from a machine gun.'”

Read Me
Fast Company’s cover story on the Tim Cook era at Apple is worth your time.

Causation Does Not Equal Correlation, Part 349
Cupping, despite what Michael Phelps might think, is BS.

This Map Is Going to Shock You
Seriously, this warrants the click-baity headline. What do you think is the most common job in 29 of the 50 United States?

Speaking of Clickbait
Facebook announced that they will be changing their algorithm to avoid headlines classified as clickbait. They’ve also started bypassing ad blockers, a move promptly countered with a workaround from Adblock Plus. Facebook announced that they are “disappointed” by the move and suggested they will address the issue quickly.

The Troll Toll
Buzzfeed spoke with ten former Twitter employees to go deep on the platform’s continuing failure to stop abuse and hate speech.


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