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Air to the Throne

Wanderlust and apartment envy – there’s nothing like travel and real estate to inspire one (or more) of the seven deadly sins.

It can also help build a $30 billion company.

Airbnb’s wild ride from wacky idea to startup unicorn is the stuff of legend – and now you have the chance to go behind the scenes for a look at the company’s remarkable history.

Hitting stores today, The Airbnb Story: How Three Ordinary Guys Disrupted an Industry, Made Billions… and Created Plenty of Controversy from Fortune editor Leigh Gallagher, goes deep – not only tracking Airbnb’s runaway success, but also investigating the company’s often-contentious run-ins with regulators, hoteliers, and residents.

Want a taste of the chaos? Try just a few of The Airbnb Story’s many revelations:

-In early 2015, an Airbnb engineer typed a bad command and accidentally deleted almost all of the company’s data warehouse. It took a few weeks to recover.

-Cofounder and CTO Nathan Blecharczyk has hosted 178 guests in his home in the past two years.

-Brian Chesky didn’t know anything about technology or business when he cofounded the company. He thought people talking about “angel investors” were referring to actual angels.

A book for entrepreneurs, techies, and business-types alike, The Airbnb Story is the first book dedicated solely to the company.

Get the book right here.


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