The best of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC

From a panel on fixing tech's culture problem (Image courtesy TechCrunch)

Need to Know

Last week, TechCrunch brought the travelling sideshow known as Disrupt to New York City for three days of presentations, remarks, keynotes, and after parties.

Oh, and a whole bunch of new startups debuted there.

Some of the most interesting innovations and companies emerged from the Battlefield at Disrupt, the needlessly martial-themed startup launch competition, and Startup Alley. Check them out.

The fashion-tech startup Lumenus embeds LED strips in clothing and accessories to improve cyclers’ safety.

PlaceAVote is a forum for citizens to discuss, debate, and annotate bills that are coming up before Congress, before then selling that data to policy wonks.

You can turn your boring human-powered bike into an electric-powered dynamo thanks to GeoOrbitals, a front-wheel replacement that contains a Lithium-Ion battery.

Flying drones are so 2015. How about a drone that can go underwater? SeaDrone is an underwater quadcopter with 360-degree video capabilities.

Spinn Coffee’s centrifugal coffee maker promises a highly customizable cup of coffee with all the convenience of your Keurig (without the K-cups).

WaterO is a self-contained water filtration system capable of far more effective particle removal than that Brita filter.

The wearables from Halo Neuroscience claim to use transcranial direct current stimulation (i.e. they zap your brain with low-levels of electricity) to enhance performance in high-level athletes.

And then there’s Ephemeral, an early-stage startup that’s developing tattoo inks that will break down after about a year.

Ultimately the winners of Disrupt were Beam (not to be confused with uBeam, thanks), an esports platform that lets viewers interact with the games themselves.