The Best Startup Office Kitchen We’ve Seen

Photo courtesy: Tasting Table

Tasting Table’s stunning in-house test kitchen.

The funny thing about online businesses is that you never really know what they look like offline. Some put filters on your photos, sell for nearly $1 billion, and have seven employees. Others send you dry cleaner discounts and have 10,000 employees scattered around the world.

For Soho-based Tasting Table, a purely digital food and drink publication with millions of subscribers, the offline surprise comes in the form of their kitchen. Where the kitchens of most startups are grimy corner spaces awash in orange soda, Tasting Table has this thing – a floor-through dining room and kitchen with a capacity of 75.

As luck would have it, Wakefield will be hosting CEO Geoff Bartakovics at the December installment of the Electric Locomotive, next Tuesday at 7pm. Join us for the usual hour of mirth and insight – hear more about the test kitchen, get tipson making the perfect hot toddy, and learn what drove Bartakovics to ditch a banking career to launch Tasting Table. Get your tickets at 50% (enter “thankswakefield”) here.

Also, note that Tasting Table is adding to their team of 40, with open positions in sales, editorial, intern, marketing, and design. Of particular note is the digital ad sales training program they offer – a big company perk you don’t typically see coming from a startup. Check out all the listings here.

Now go forth (and mangia).

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