The Standing Triple

Hagar the Horrible strikes again.

The enviable career path of Etsy’s Caroline Drucker

It’s a short list of musicians who’ve had success with three notable bands.

There’s Jack White (White Stripes, Dead Weather, The Raconteurs) and Bootsy Collins (the JB’s, Parliament, Bootsy’s Rubber Band). And let us not forget Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot).*

Berlin-based Caroline Drucker is an equivalent in the tech space, having worked at three iconic companies. After helping launch Vice Media in Germany, she’s held senior roles at both Etsy and SoundCloud.

We sat down with Drucker in the courtyard of Etsy’s new Berlin offices to talk about her role and the issues facing women in technology in Europe.

“[Germany has] a slightly more ‘old school’ view of genders [than North America],” she said. “I’ve heard things said in the workplace that have sent me rushing back to my calendar to confirm that it was not 1973.”

But there has been progress.

“Groups like ‘Berlin Geekettes’ or the Twitter hashtag #aufschrei (which documented everyday sexism and just won Germany’s highest award in media) are breaking the taboo around discussing sexism,” Drucker said.

After leading Etsy’s efforts in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, she is now setting up an international in-house creative team to focus on building Etsy’s brand across cultures. The team will include Julia Hoffman (ex-MoMA Creative Director), and work closely with Etsy’s US design studio. “It’s an honor, and a ton of fun,” Drucker said. “And we’re hiring!”

Indeed they are. Check out dozens of openings here.

Now go forth (and three-peat).

Nitty Gritty:

4.4MM: Number of items sold on Etsy in May 2013

977,061: People who joined Etsy in May alone

1978: Year Bootsy’s Rubber Band’s Bootzilla topped the R&B charts

*An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Sammy Hagar as a member of Motley Crue, not Van Halen.


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