The Geizeer uses old and new tech to keep you cool

Looks cool too.

Ice Ice Better

Ice, the oldest tool for keeping cool, is getting an update. The Geizeer, which launched in May on Kickstarter, is a tiny cube that charges with USB cable and uses ice to keep you chill.

Like so many great inventions, the Geizeer was inspired by necessity. The Italian creators, Damiano Iannini and Ferdinando Petrella, found themselves in a new office space and couldn’t afford an AC.

There are other reasons not to use an air conditioner, according to the creators. They’re not only expensive to own and operate, but they can also cause headaches, stiff neck, back pain, and respiratory problems.

The Geizeer is made of wood, the original, natural insulator. Pop off the top to insert an ice pack or recharge the battery, and once the Geizeer is charged and iced, a DC brushless fan circulates the air for four hours.

The Geizeer won’t keep your whole home at a cool 68ºF, but it does work in a pinch. We could imagine using the Geizeer in the rooms in our apartments that never seem to get cool from our window units. Or if you’re in a normally mild location and only wish you had an AC for the day or two it’s hot a year, this is an eco and wallet friendly alternative to a traditional air conditioning unit.

You can preorder the Geizeer now for $109. It won’t ship until September, but if weather patterns continue, summer 2017 is going to be a hot one.