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The Halfbike II reinvents the bicycle and changes your commute

Image courtesy Halfbike

Take a Bike

We’re going to be perfectly frank – adults should never use a Razor scooter. And unless you want to look like Gob Bluth, Segways are also off-limits.

So what is a forward-thinking personal-transport enthusiast to do?

Well how about the Halfbike II? Part bike, part scooter, with a soupçon of elliptical trainer, the Halfbike II allows the rider to maintain a standing position while still cruising around town. And most crucially, without looking like an oversized child.

It’s also ideal for the commute – the Halfbike II is foldable and weighs less than 18 pounds. The creation of Bulgaria-based design lab Kolelinia, the Halfbike II, as the name suggests, is the second iteration of the ride. Each bike is hand-assembled by one person, with most components made in Halfbike’s facilities.

With eight days to go in their Kickstarter campaign, they’ve already raised nearly $800,000. You can pick up your own Halfbike II for $399 right here. They expect to ship in July.

Now go forth (and ride better).


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