The Lumos bike helmet offers more than just protection

Image courtesy Lumos

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Biking, quite simply, is good – good for you, good for the environment, good for the people who make Lycra shorts. But it’s also dangerous.

Lumos is a bicycle helmet that features integrated brake and turn-light signals, as well as front-facing LEDs to improve visibility.

A built-in accelerometer senses when the user is slowing down, activating the brake lights, and a wireless remote control (included with purchase) is used to activate the turn signals. The helmet is recharged via microUSB and also promises to be water resistant.

The Kickstarter project has already made more than five times its $125,000 goal.

Founders Eu-Wen Ding and Jeff Chen began work on the prototype at a hackathon at Harvard. After spending more than a year working with helmet manufacturers and Harvard innovation lab, they promise that the Lumos will not prove to be another Kickstarter disappointment.

For $99 (plus $15 shipping) you can score a Lumos helmet and handlebar remote at 40% off the projected retail price from Kickstarter. But hurry up! There’s less than 24 hours left in their campaign. Delivery is estimated for June of next year.

Now go forth (and go safe).