The Monthly Subscription Service You Won’t Believe

Crummy beer subscription startup takes wing in Brooklyn

There’s something distinctly Christmas-in-July about subscription services. You forget you’re getting your next delivery, and then – boom – your installment of luscious cosmetics, modestly priced razors, or flaxseed quinoa treats for Fido hits your doorstep.

Williamsburg startup Shit Beer of the Month is the latest entrant in the monthly subscription space – but with a catch. Instead of the best of the boutiques, SBoM promises “a selection of the skunkiest suds delivered to your door, monthly.” As founder Reed Stock explained, the platform is about discovery, “We’re curators, honestly. Yeah, everyone knows PBR, but nobody in my hide and seek league had even heard of Camo 24 High Gravity Lager. That shit is revolting.”

Stock didn’t let this “aha moment” go to waste, getting a beta site up in a matter of days. Stock says a tallboy-fueled screening of Smokey and the Bandit with friends helped bring the concept home. “The movie’s about this rich dude trying to get Burt Reynolds to deliver a truck full of Coors. When I woke up in the morning,” Stock said, “I saw myself in that role, as a connector. And that’s when it started to feel like a real business.”

Stock is currently a one man band, but a recent sign up spike (he’s had hundreds so far) means he’ll be expanding soon, including the build out of a technical team.

Join the first movers with your own subscription here. Wakefield members get 10% off with this code: “Sh!+BOM”.

Now go forth (and, uh, shotgun?).

Nitty Gritty:

3500 BC: Earliest known evidence of barley beer

1977: Year Smokey and the Bandit was released

1978: Year home brewing became legal in the United States