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The new app from Planted helps everyone work at a startup

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Want to work in New York tech? Well, it turns out you don’t need to know much about tech itself to find a job. According to a recent study from HR&A advisors, 59% of all New York startup jobs are actually non-technical roles.

Planted hopes to match recent college grads with non-technical roles in New York startups and beyond. Last week the company relaunched with a new name (they were formerly known as Lynxsy), a new look, and a new iOS app for job hunters.

Job seekers connect with LinkedIn, build a brief profile, and Planted takes it from there, emailing candidates with three to five new jobs every day. Matches are the result of a back-end engine that uses more than 100 data signals to determine a match.

Founders Susan Zheng and Connie Wong both worked as hiring managers – when they met four years ago, they quickly commiserated over the job’s unique pain points.

“I was working at Tough Mudder,” Zheng told us, “helping the company grow to 200 people in just two years, but even finding talent on the junior, non-tech level was a real struggle… And that’s felt even more acutely from the job-seeker side – it’s really hard to know what companies are out there or what roles you’re a good fit for.”

To get started, you can download the iOS app or sign up online. Employers can get on the platform here.

Now go forth (and forget tech).


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