The new mobile video app Panama gathers a living history of your area

Image courtesy Panama

Looking Glass

As of June, there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, with 6.1 billion projected by 2020. Aside from the low-hum noise pollution of the Angry Birds theme song, the smartphone’s ubiquity has resulted in another all-encompassing fact: just about everyone’s got a video camera in their pocket.

Panama, an iOS and Android app launching today, is designed to capitalize on this fact by providing users with a living documentary of the world immediately around them and beyond.

Panama gathers feeds of short videos based on location and time – a user can browse through recent videos from their city or neighborhood or peruse the app’s Trending section, which is organized by upvotes and downvotes.

What the app doesn’t feature, however, are usernames or profiles – all videos are uploaded anonymously.

Built by former Grand Central Tech startup Mass Labs – the team behind short-form video platform Ocho – Panama was inspired in part by the team’s exposure to protests at the nearby Grand Central Terminal.

“In Grand Central Terminal, there were many protests, and we actually witnessed instances of police brutality. Though we were personally reticent to post what we captured – you need to be able to share these things without putting yourself at risk,” CEO and cofounder Jonathan Swerdlin told us. “This is one of the use cases of Panama.”

You can download Panama for iOS or Android here.

Now go forth (and record).


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