New Goes There

The old museum is extinct.

The New Museum joins the accelerator crowd

You can call it incubation or acceleration, but one thing is clear – business development isn’t interested in building something that’s not going to produce returns (eventually). But slowly, that model is changing.

In February, the New Museum launched NEW INC, a not-for-profit incubator that will support burgeoning companies at the intersection of art, tech, and design.

When it opens its doors this summer, NEW INC will occupy a 11,000-square foot space next door to the New Museum’s SANAA-designed aluminum cairn, including 3,000 feet of studio space for artist-in-residence programs. The hope is that this collision of art and commerce will result in creative enterprises that aren’t all about the numbers.

“In conceiving this incubator we were hoping to provide an alternative to the prevailing tech incubators by creating a space without the pressures of building something for maximum ‘return on investment,'” Executive Director Julia Kaganskiy said. “We are more interested in empowering designers and artists to build imaginative, unlikely projects and contribute their critical voices to the conversation.”

NEW INC is currently accepting applications from individuals and teams of up to four people on a rolling basis. You can apply for membership here.

Now go forth (and get creative).

Nitty Gritty:

1977: Year the New Museum was founded

2007: Year the New Museum opened in its current location on the Bowery

58,700: Square footage of the New Museum’s digs