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The New York Times’ native advertising arm is expanding fast

Note – this is not Times Square.

Times New Omen

“All the news that’s fit to print” – it’s the irritating, vaguely nonsensical slogan that’s appeared in the top left corner of The New York Times every day since 1896.

It’s also obsolete – the Times has embraced digital whole-heartedly in the last few years, building multimedia experiences like Snowfall, offering a bevy of mobile apps, and experimenting with paywalls.

T Brand Studio is the one of the Times’ latest efforts – a dive into the increasingly lucrative world of branded content, with the creation of an in-house studio to create, and build, multimedia advertising with the newspaper’s imprimatur.

In their inaugural year 2014, the studio produced 40 campaigns for companies ranging from Wisk to Apple. Recently they built an interactive Turing machine to help promote The Imitation Game and created a rich-data visualization and reported narrative for Volvo.

Of course, when a presumably impartial newspaper begins colluding with advertisers, media watchers are going to be on high alert.

“Sponsored content is not about tricking your readers, it’s about adding value to the conversation,” editorial director Adam Aston said. “…We want to avoid confusing readers at all costs. In turn, we want to provide them with thought-provoking, engaging content in the form of infographics, video, images and of course, written narrative.”

Brand Studio is hiring for 11 jobs out of its New York office (as well as one intern in advertising). Get all the details here.

Now go forth (and fit the print).


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