The newly-launched Makerbase reveals the people behind your favorite tech

Image courtesy Makerbase

Credit Due

When it comes to describing new tech, we’re all too often stuck with formulas like “Uber for X” or “Etsy for Y”. Just witness how people have struggled to explain the newly-launched Makerbase.

Gizmodo declared “it’s like liner notes for your favorite stuff on the internet”; Motherboard and Venturebeat described the site as an IMDB for developers and makers, respectively; and The Verge called it “a kind of LinkedIn for techies”.

But there are no metaphors necessary, really. The concept behind Makerbase is remarkably straightforward – the platform allows people to find out who designed, engineered, and developed popular software, sites, apps, and more.

Founded by the dynamic duo of Gina Trapani and Anil Dash – they’re the internet-famous team behind ThinkUp – Makerbase launched on Tuesday, as part of the White House’s first-ever demo day.

Dash and Trapani hope the site will not only give credit where it’s due, but also prove a useful networking tool for outsiders.

“Aside from the skills of learning how to code or design, one of the biggest gaps for any underrepresented community is to break into that network,” Dash said. “What Makerbase does is make that visible so that anybody can find their way in.”

Check out Makerbase to check out the people behind the tech.

Now go forth (and go deep).