The Olo will turn your smartphone into a 3D printer

Image courtesy Olo

Smarter Phone

While 3D printing has found a home in the worlds of medicine, research, and design, the technology remains too difficult and too expensive for a mass audience to just screw around with it.

Olo could be the magic box that brings 3D printing to the masses. Simply launch the app, select the object you’d like to create, connect your smartphone to the device, and pour in resin – in about an hour, you’ll have your print.

Olo 3d printer in action

The $99 device is a sleek and compact box that mounts any flat touchscreen smartphone; using white light emission from the phone and four AA batteries, the Olo can create prints of up to 400 cubic centimeters, with 42 micron resolution.

After debuting at October’s World Maker Faire in New York, Olo launched on Kickstarter this week, where it’s already raised nearly $400,000 (of an $80,000 goal).

“The idea behind the development of OLO was to create a cheap 3D printer that anyone could easily use, regardless of their experience (or lack thereof) with other 3D printers,” cofounder Pietro Gabriele said. “We want to break through the barrier that is holding people back from 3D printing: namely, easy access.”

The Olo is expected to ship in June – you can get more information and order the device right here.