The Startups of Mexico City

Distrito Federal

Ah, New York. You’re such a tiny town. Quaint. A sleepy little hamlet. Ok, maybe that goes too far, but it’s true we’re not even a close second in terms of North America’s largest city. That would be Mexico City (or the DF for Distrito Federal), and its 25 million inhabitants (and burgeoning startup scene).

If the startups there seem eerily similar to those in New York or the Valley, it’s because they are. Programmer shortage is universal, and incubators, like Mexican.vc and Wayra, seem to be taking hold. We spoke with a startup from each incubator about what they’re working on.

Luis Lopez, founder of Wayra-grad Bandtastic.me told us: “We were just students, with an idea. We said, what if we ‘Kickstarted’ bands?” It’s working. The platform crowdfunds bands’ expenses to play in Mexico, and they’ve inked a deal with Grooveshark. NY-based chiptune band Anamanaguchi is next up: with 3 weeks to go, more than half the funding target’s been met.

Then there’s Celeste North, who runs NuFLICK, a Mexican.vc-backed startup that lets you stream indie and Mexican films for a small fee, which mostly goes to the film’s creators. She notes that many student programmers are beginning to consider startups — she recently hired one from university. Practice your Spanish and check out her blog and podcasts here.

Now go forth (and get a hold of yourself, New York).


By the numbers

  • 7,350: Elevation (ft)
  • 1968: Hosted the Summer Olympics
  • 8.1: Earthquake magnitude – 9/19/85, 7:19AM
  • 5M: Number of people that ride the Metro everyday