The Subway Ride from Hell and a Whole Lot More

Was it a slow news week? Well, a giant potato sailing up the Hudson made the news.

The Wrap

What could be worse than a late summer swelter ride on the subway? How about a late summer swelter ride with hundreds of crickets and worms flung into your subway car? Next time you’re tempted to complain, just remember it could be much, much worse.

Air Apparent
Analysis from FiveThirtyEight has determined that Airbnb is not responsible for rising rents in New York City – at least not yet. Remarkably, the data crunchers assert that only 2,500 of the city’s 2.2 million rental apartments are being rented on the platform as “commercial listings” – whole units that are rented out full time for at least 180 days per year. Activists have criticized FiveThirtyEight’s definition of commercial listing as far too conservative, however.

Bet On It
Just in time for pre-season football, DraftKings and FanDuel are officially legal again in New York State, thanks to temporary permits issued by the state Gaming Commission on Monday. The Daily News reports the sites spent nearly $800,000 in lobbying lawmakers to win legalization.

In Other News
There’s no such thing as free lunch or free wifi. Could mobile ticketing arrive on the New York City subways sooner than expected? If you want to know what a million dollars worth of illegal frozen eels looks like, here you go.