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The technology from WayRay uses holograms to help you navigate the road

Navion image courtesy WayRay

Drive Time

Self-driving cars are exciting, but let’s face it – it’s going to be a long while before our friendly AI auto takes us on a spin around the neighborhood.

Headquartered in Switzerland, startup WayRay hopes to help humans drive their cars more safely, before we’re all chauffeured around town.

Their first product is Element, a “wearable for your car” that plugs into a car’s diagnostics port and collects usage statistics about the way you drive – helping users improve performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.

But it’s the Navion that promises to truly change how users navigate the road. The small device sits on a car’s dashboard and projects holographic GPS imagery onto the road ahead, as well as providing safety information. The Navion responds to simple hand gestures, and also integrates with smart phones to provide access to the phone, email, and social networks when the car is stopped.

A team of 40, the company is about to begin mass producing true holographic imagery at its facility in Switzerland.

“I was working in marketing and graphic design,” founder and CEO Vitaly Ponomarev told us, “although I studied engineering. I had a car accident, and I began to think about how the windshield was the first surface we could really use to improve safety… And after two-and-a-half years of R&D, we’re here.”

You can order the Element – devices start at $95 – right here. And to receive updates about the Navion’s availability – they expect it go on sale in the fall – sign up for WayRay’s mailing list here.

Now go forth (and open the road).


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