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Image courtesy Rhone

Go for the Gold

Men’s activewear used to mean a pair of sweatpants and a ratty old t-shirt. Thankfully, that’s changed.

Since launch two years ago, Rhone has offered incredible apparel using innovative materials and great design. And now they’re taking it to the next level.

In Spring of 2017, Rhone will launch GoldFusion, a revolutionary new tech that infuses gold particles into high-performance fabrics. But don’t mistake this for merely the next generation of bling – GoldFusion’s innovation results in softer, longer-lasting activewear that wicks away moisture and neutralizes odors up to three times better than fabrics not treated with the technology.

Developed alongside biochemists, GoldFusion collection shirts dry up to three times faster than tested market leaders, and their anti-odor technology remains 99% effective after 100 washes.

And unlike many competitors, Rhone’s new collection never compromises on safety – for you and for the environment. GoldFusion tech has virtually zero emissions and is completely non-toxic.

“It sounds like magic, like it’s too good to be true,” Nate Checketts, Rhone cofounder and CEO, said in a statement. “We were in a state of disbelief until seeing the results of this technology first hand. But this is exactly what we strive for at Rhone: creating best-in-class products.”

Now Rhone has partnered with Indiegogo to raise the funds to launch GoldFusion, and they’re offering exclusive prices on their shorts and shirts, with delivery expected in early 2017.

These items are already selling out, so you’ll want to move on this fast. Check out Rhone’s revolutionary new GoldFusion line right here.


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