Think a wealth manager is only for the wealthy? Think again. | Dedicated

There are smarter things to do with your money.

Wealthy and Wise

For some, the phrase “wealth management” conjures visions of a monocle and top hat. Perhaps you’ve got some savings set aside, but the idea of wealth management… that’s too rich for your blood. Right? Think again.

Wealthfront combines Silicon Valley technology with leading academic research and investment best practices to offer everyone sound investment advice. No monocle required.

Launched in 2011, Wealthfront manages over $3 billion in client assets. Their platform allows you to “set it and forget it”, accessing a sophisticated, diversified long-term discretionary investment portfolio without the high fees and account minimums you’ll find with traditional wealth management. Among the benefits of Wealthfront’s approach to passive investing are minimal costs, a diversified portfolio, and lower taxes.

Wealthfront clients never incur trading commissions or maintenance fees – the only charge is a 0.25% advisory fee. If you want to see just how much you can save using Wealthfront’s platform, have a look at their portfolio review.

Wakefield readers who sign up now will receive a special offer – get your first $15,000 managed for free when you enroll using this link. See wealthfront.com for more information.