This Message Will Self Destruct

Secret Agent Man

We met up with Jacob Robbins, founder of the 007-esque email service Burn Note to talk about modern-day privacy. Robbins came up with the idea of a self-destructing, non-copyable email after hesitating to share a password over chat with a coworker. He realized there wasn’t an easy option for digitally sharing sensitive stuff.

Enter Burn Note. The concept is simple. Create your message and choose a level of security. While all messages delete themselves within minutes (completely, off of all servers), you choose whether the recipient is allowed to copy and paste or if the message must be viewed through the double secret “keyhole” view, where the text is obscured with a black overlay, forcing you to illuminate a few words a time with your cursor. It’s highly addictive.

Burn Note is great for off the record conversations, passwords, bank account information, and any other sensitive information (cough, NSFW photos, cough) that you might not want stored in digital perpetuity.

And to answer one of the top FAQ’s, yes you can create an anonymous account to dispatch even your darkest secrets in safety.

Now Go Forth (and Burn)


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