This Microsoft challenge is an upskill climb

How a developer approaches solving problems (via GIPHY)

What can you learn in 30 days?

To all the up and coming developers out there in the Uncubed community: do you want one of the largest software companies in the world to respect your skill set? Then we need to talk about Microsoft’s Cloud Skills Challenge. It’s a free 30-day, self-paced competition that builds your technical expertise through tutorials, scripting, and browser-based interactive coding. Winners get badges after completing select problem sets, and if you can make your way to the top of the leaderboard, it’s a friendly reminder you’ve chosen the right profession. You can sign up for the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge here

Voice your ideas at Clubhouse (APM and PM remote roles)

Remote work is only going to grow in popularity, which means software companies like Clubhouse, which made chatrooms cool again, are a great place to investigate for new long term opportunities. They’re currently hiring an Associate Product Manager and Product Manager because they are growing super quickly and need candidates to drive new product features and functionality. They’re very interested in candidates with experience who’ve worked at a Saas company, so if that applies to you, drop some details when applying.

Ready to get vocal with Jerrick Media

Early professionals with a passion for sales will want to study up on Jerrick Media. Their content platform, Vocal, is in need of a Sales Operations Associate to support sales and communication initiatives. Be ready to sell, strategize, and seek out new leads as part of your day-to-day routine.

The world’s largest coding platform wants you 

After expanding your technical skills by listening to our advice and enrolling in Microsoft’s Cloud Skills Challenge, you’re going to want to send in your updated resume for a dev gig at Github. They’re hiring Software Engineers for several teams including Git Systems, Codespaces, and Database Infrastructure

Front-end engineers: duly note these jobs

Notarize is an on demand notary platform, and they’re in need of several Front-End Engineers to do things like design maintainable, reusable, and clean React components. You’ll be joining a culture that focuses on a nearly constant deployment cycle that ships code once a week, including nightly builds focused on upgrading small features.

Collect your thoughts. Then apply to Collective Health

Healthcare is being transformed by technology, which is why we’re highlighting a unique role at Collective Health this week ideal for Class of 2020 graduates. They’re hiring an Associate to manage proposal writing and sales enablement. A self-starter with experience in sales and content creation, you’ll be charged with tasks such as coordinating responses for questionnaires, creating collateral, and managing the completion of proposals and quote requests with stakeholders.

Ex-Google CEO no longer searching for answers

Where do tech CEO’s go after they’ve turned in their company issued laptop? In the case of ex-Googler Eric Schmidt, it’s back to school. Business Insider covers a report by One Zero which reveals Schmidt is building the US Digital Service Academy. The university would offer courses and degrees in fields such as cybersecurity, and would potentially lead graduates into a career in government as opposed to the private sect


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