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Events for Aug. 27 – Sep. 2

Alright September, let’s do this. Bringing us home to close out the month is a big-time state of the union chat on design in startups and a pitch deadline for lady founders.


August 30: State of the Startup Industry: Design


What do you get when you mix beer, wine, and the founders of Hard Candy Shell and Behance breaking down the state of design in startups? You get a full house and furious note scribbling, that’s what. Tickets, $30.

Location: General Assembly, 902 Broadway, 4th Floor 


Dedicated Tip: GROUPTALENT


Finding it totally impossible slightly challenging to find a developer or a designer? Connect with one, or a whole gaggle, at GroupTalent. Devs and designers: get great work without the admin headaches. Get in touch here.


August 31: Pitch NYC Application Due


Are you a beta-stage startup? Do you have at least one woman among your founders? If yes, and yes — do this. Hosted by Women 2.0, the application is a three-parter: online form, 2-minute video, and a napkin biz plan. And the prize purse is a rich one: $25,000, a meeting with Marc Andreessen, and an automatic finalist interview for TechStars NYC. Start here.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Neil Armstrong, who went on his way yesterday. 51 years ago, Armstrong announced, simply, “the Eagle has landed,” from a corner of the Sea of Tranquility, igniting the imagination of an entire globe.

Now go forth (and répondez s’il vous plaît).



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