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This Week’s Affairs from Wakefield

Events for October 15-22

Derek Jeter’s ankle is broken, the days are getting shorter, and we’ve still got another two presidential debates to sit through. Thankfully this week’s full calendar of tech events should help fight off any sense of foreboding. We’ve got a behind the scenes look at Google’s Street View, a robotics speaker series, and a whole lot more. Check ’em out.

October 16: EdTech Titans of Industry, 6pm

Keep in mind that’s Ed as in education, not Ed Hardy or anything. This talk will feature Jose Ferreira, CEO of Knewton, Laurie Racine, the founder of Startl, among others. Get schooled and score tickets here.

Location:Knewton, 100 5th Avenue


October 17: Street View Behind the Scene, 5:30pm

As the typically infallible folks at Apple will surely attest – it’s not easy making maps. Meet the Google engineers who have stitched together five million miles of panoramic imagery and created the wonder that is Street View. Get on the waitlist for the event here.

Location: Google NYC, 111 8th Avenue

uncubed Upcoming from Wakefield: UNCUBED Our job fair turned circus just grew an evil twin. UNCUBED now has a second day – all about scale and partnerships (plus an after party with DJs from the Rapture and LCD Soundsystem). Tickets are now open – get 50% off with the discount code “wakefield” here.

October 18: The Future is Robotics + Software, 6:30pm

If the thought of autonomous flying robots inspires intrigue rather than terror, check out these speakers on the Robot Operating System and a whole lot more. Join the event here and keep apprised of everything the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation has in store for us.

Location: AppNexus, 28 West 23rd Street


October 19: DUMBO Tech Breakfast Meetup, 8:30am

Celebrate having survived the week with bacon, eggs, and networking in the bucolic tech wonderland that is down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. Sign up for the event here.

Location: DUMBO Kitchen, 108 Jay Street

Don’t let ’em get you down – you’re going to have a good week.Now go forth (and répondez s’il vous plaît).


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