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“Tell us more about the latest jobs at TELUS,” you say?

TELUS is a global comms and IT company, and with their recent acquisition of Lionbridge AI, they’re expanding their footprint within artificial intelligence and machine learning training and annotation services.

We’ve got a US Online Task Contributor role that’s ideal for internet sleuths who are app-savvy and can evaluate and make recommendations about online content.

There’s also this part-time Media App Search Analyst role, where you’ll use online tools to judge the intent and accuracy of app store search results. You’ll need access to a Mac for this one.

And if either of those aren’t the best match, TELUS is also offering this part-time US Rater role to someone who can analyze and give feedback about online content for search engines.

First Jobs Out of College

Jr. Developer Advocate (Github)

Make software development and open source collaboration fun, friendly, and fearless for all. GitHub is looking for a strong communicator with knowledge of coding and testing principles, so if you have any real-world dev experience (like, say, an internship), git on this opp before it’s gone.

Freelance Writer (Uncubed)

This is us, and you’ve read this far, so we’re off to a good start. Here’s your chance to write the newsletter that you’ve always wanted to read. If others would want to read it too, then that “good start” just became a “great start.”

Jr. DevOps Engineer (Flow Traders)

Want a role that touches on programming, security, IT, and quality engineering while your friends A/B test button placement and new ways to serve up ads? Flow Traders, a publicly traded fintech company with 500+ employees, is hiring a flood of Jr. DevOps Engineers. Grads from 2019, 2020, and 2021 are all encouraged to apply.

Internship of the Week

Software Engineering Intern (Indigo)

Indigo is an agriculture technology (agtech) company that helps farmers make farming more sustainable in order to combat climate change and protect the environment, while enabling those farmers to profit from their sustainable choices.

As a Software Engineering Intern, you’ll work with the Post Transactions team to create systems, applications, and infrastructure for Indigo’s marketplaces. If you’re already building applications and backend systems, understand comp sci fundamentals, and can program in Python, Ruby, React, and/or Java (or an alternative language), let them know you’re ready to grow in this role.

Is your company hiring? 

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