Ting Mobile’s truly smart smartphone service will save you serious money | Dedicated

Image courtesy Ting

Smarter Phone

If you want to stop throwing money away, look no further than your mobile phone bill. You’re spending cash on minutes of voice you never use and paying serious fees for data overage. You might as well just throw a fifty dollar bill out the window each month.

Or you could check out Ting Mobile, a nationwide mobile phone service that’s helping people save a lot of money on their monthly cell phone bills.

Launched in 2012, Ting promises that you never have to fear going over your data usage or voice minute caps. If you do exceed your rates, you won’t pay a hefty fee – Ting will simply charge you for your extra use. And if you’ve barely scratched the surface of your allowances, Ting will charge you less.

The average monthly bill on Ting is only $23 per month, and they’ll never lock you in to a contract. And Ting’s online account dashboard and official app offer users easy, and easily understood, access to their account information at all times.

As a Wakefield reader you’ll get $25 in Ting service credit or toward a selected device. Check out how much you could be saving with Ting Mobile right here.

Now go forth (and spend smart).