Trax & Wax is a monthly subscription service for vinyl lovers

This could be you.

On the Record

We live in a world where it’s possible to get booze, an uncooked meal, a precooked meal, actual fuel, legal weed, and an endless variety of
“necessities” delivered to our doorstep. It seems the over-saturated delivery startup sphere increasingly lacks the ability to turn heads.

But London’s Trax and Wax could make even the most jaded agoraphobe lose his chill, if only for a moment. They deliver a curated collection of two to four vinyl records to your home every month.

Specializing in dance music, Trax and Wax offers customers four themed subscriptions – the Disco Box, Old School Box, Nu School Box, and Trax & Wax Box.

Founders Manon Clayeaux and Thomas Amundsen collaborate with prominent music distributors – including Rush Hour, Syncrophone, and Clone – to pick the records each month.

“We want our customers to know that there are already established brands behind the creation [of the boxes],” Amundsen told us. “We just launched a month ago, so we need to build up credibility, and so we rely a lot on our distribution partners.”

In the age of streaming services, it might seem like a vinyl delivery service is a fruitless endeavor.

Amundsen believes differently. “The people who subscribe to our service are collectors,” he said. “They like niche. They like old school records, so they want something physical… People who use Spotify on a daily basis might not be our direct audience. It’s hard to compare vinyl and streaming services in general.”

Though based in London, Trax & Wax delivers worldwide and 30% of their customer base comes from America. You can check them out here.


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