Drop Kick

It's like the weirdest weather forecast you've ever seen.

Tricks and tools to supercharge your Dropbox experience

Last week, everyone’s favorite cloud storage service (well, our favorite…), Dropbox, announced that Pro users would receive 1 terabyte (that’s ~1,000 GB) of space for ten bucks a month. That’s a whole lotta space – make sure you’re taking full advantage of the possibilities.

Media Magic

You can use Dropbox as a media server in the sky. Upload your video library to the cloud, and VLC’s mobile app will automatically sync with Dropbox, allowing you to stream your entire collection of (legally downloaded) films anywhere you’ve go an internet connection.

The Juke Dropbox

It’s not just movies. Move your iTunes library to Dropbox, and you can use apps like Vibe Cloud Music or Tunebox to stream your entire music library to any mobile device. Dropbox also does a great job managing your massive collection of mp3’s across different computers.

Share, Share Alike

Want to download a file from a computer that’s not your own? The free Send to Dropbox allows you to email a file to your Dropbox account which will automatically appear in your Attachments folder. Alternately, Drop It To Me is an easy way to let others send files to your Dropbox folder.

Site Unseen

Dropbox can also serve simple websites for you. Pancake allows users to serve html files directly from their Dropbox folder simply by saving a plain text file. The service also allows you to save PDFs and Microsoft Office files, if you need to share something publically, without any hassle.

Go Walkabout

Want to easily access your Dropbox folder, even when you’re not working on your own computer? Install DropboxPortableAHK to a thumb drive, and you won’t have to download Dropbox to every computer you use.


If you’re already letting Dropbox automatically download your mobile photos, then you’ve likely got a massive library of images just waiting to be seen. Boxpx connects to Dropbox and allows users to create and share highly customizable photo albums on the web.

In addition to all that storage, Dropbox now offers a slew of new sharing features – if you want a full rundown, check out Gizmodo’s excellent guide here.

Now go forth (and go pro).