Tumblr Presses LPs in the Last Vinyl Factory in Latin America

A Day in the Life: Tumblr’s executive editor Jessica Bennett in Brazil

What a world it is. Tumblr was in Brazil last week, for the launch of its Portuguese language edition, and executive editor and correspondent Jessica Bennett was on the hunt for stories. She (virtually) let us tag along. Her trip, in her words (and photos by Josh).

Wake up in Rio. (!!)


My morning usually starts with… you know, the internet. Today I was putting the final touches on a video we shot with Moby, about his LA architecture blog.


I usually have a big-ass cup of coffee for breakfast. In Brazil, they eat breakfast in style.

Back to hotel room quickly before we head out. Making sure Moby is live on the site, and reblogging the shit out of it.

We’re headed an hour south of Rio to visit the last LP factory in Latin America, so I can interview the owner. Our cab driver, Mario Papa, is amazing. We interview him along the way.

Instagramming our cab ride. Dreading my phone bill for this trip.

We arrive at the LP factory, after stopping for directions about five times. The plant used to be run by an evangelical priest.

We meet Luciano, a former pharmacist who now manages the factory. Gina helps translate.

We learn about the process of manufacturing an LP in a digital age. The records actually start as compact discs, which is kind of funny.

Luciano explains that each record gets a layer of liquid silver.

Touring the factory. (For more pictures of the factory, click here).

Teo holds up the latest Los Hermanos album. The band gets all their LPs manufactured here.

Group shot! From left: Luciano, Gina, Nilton, TeoJessAmanda. Resident Tumblr photog: Josh.

We’re starving. We head back toward our hotel in Copacabana for Feijoada (traditional Brazilian pork and bean dish). I accidentally order port instead of wine. Mario drinks it.

Josh, Amanda, Teo and I end the night at Bip Bip, a local bar with live music.

Wow. Get more tales from Storyboard here. We’ll be back at the bureau dreaming of Wakefield Brazil. Some day.

Now go forth (and samba).

Invite friends to Wakefield. We’ll make room for ’em.

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  • 195m: total population
  • 6: Global economy size rank
  • 1: Vinyl LP factories


*Photoset: To view more photos of Jessica’s Tour, click here