Affordable Standing Desks for the Modern Worker

The Oristand in action

Take a Stand

A standing desk is great in theory. We’re all slowly dying from sitting too much, right? But the typical standing desk doesn’t work for many, because of the prohibitive cost, lack of portability, or both. But two new companies were thinking about the modern worker (broke and on-the-go, basically) when they created their affordable standing desks.

“We wanted people in coworking spaces and road warriors to have a standing desk with them everywhere they go,” Dustin Pratt, founder of OMBEE Stand Up Desk, told us. The desk, which can support a laptop or desktop, is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $249 and will ship in July.

The OMBEE’s adjustable, plastic structure folds into a carrying case that weighs a total of 13 pounds. The OMBEE takes less than two minuets to set up, according to the company. It also includes rotating foot pads, or a swivel board, because “sitting all day is bad, but standing all day in a fixed position isn’t any better,” said Pratt. “The ideal situation is to stand up, but keep the lower body moving,” he said, citing a 2013 study in The Journal of Applied Ergonomics.

Pratt was inspired by natural shapes used in architecture, like the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, when he created OMBEE’s “honeycomb interlocking system”.

The inspiration behind Oristand, another portable standing desk, came from the simple cardboard box. But what the Oristand lacks in design elements, it makes up for in price – it’s just $25.

Oristand cofounder Ryan Holmes, who is also the founder and CEO of HootSuite, had a problem that many of us can relate to: He had a sore back and wanted to try using a standing desk. He started experimenting by arranging cardboard boxes on his table, and the idea for the Oristand was born.

The Oristand is made entirely of cardboard that pops open into a two-tiered box and folds flat when not in use. The industrial grade cardboard provides enough structure and support for a laptop and keyboard.

“We focused on a design that would be very easy to set up and be portable enough that people could use it at home, at the office, or anywhere in between,” said Steve Suchy, another Oristand cofounder. “We wanted to democratize the standing desk.”


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