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Image courtesy Ultrapak

The Ultrapak will recharge your electronics faster than anything else

We live in a wonderful, wireless world. Until, that is, our batteries drain and we’re forced to tether ourselves to an outlet for the next two hours.

While the Ultrapak won’t free you from the demands of your charging up, it will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend staring at your battery icon.

The battery pack uses a proprietary lithium polymer battery to charge your electronics eight times faster than a conventional charging methods.

That means you can fully charge your the Ultrapak in only 15 minutes, allowing you to charge your iPhone or MacBook whenever you need to.

Created by northern-California electronics company UNU, the Ultrapak is available in two models – the Ultrapak Go, for $59.99, and the Ultrapak Tour, for $99.99.

Originally scheduled to ship this month, overwhelming demand pushed the ship date to mid-September.

You can order one here.

Now go forth (and get a charge).


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