Uncubed NYC is back and better than ever

Kegan Schouwenburg, the cofounder of Sols, drops knowledge at our last NYC Uncubed event.

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How do I get into tech? Your friends have asked you, your parents have said it, you might have even wondered it yourself.

We’ve got a very simple answer for you – Uncubed NYC.

That’s right – our massive, can’t-be-missed event is returning to the Metropolitan Pavilion on November 3rd, and whether you’re looking for a new job, interested in learning new skills, or just curious to see what’s out there, you should be there.

We’ve assembled every innovative company in New York under one roof just so that they can talk to you.

You can land an incredible gig. We’ve got 80 of New York’s biggest, coolest hiring companies looking to fill 1000s of open jobs – everything from internships to the executive suite. We’re talking about all-stars like Dropbox, Jet.com, FanDuel, WeWork, SeatGeek, Buzzfeed, Trustpilot,
Vimeo, Adobe, Oscar, and AOL.

You’re going to learn something. Our Edge Live lineup of classes (with real-world applications for tech, product, and business types) will feature the CTOs of AOL, Jet.Com, and Namely, and more.

You’re going to have fun. Thanks to sponsors like Capitol One Labs, Trustpilot, FanDuel, ShutterStock, and Buzzfeed we’ve packed this edition of Uncubed with more fun under one roof since the circus came to town.

And we’re offering a 26% discount for Wakefield readers who use the promo code WAKE26 in the next day.

Check out our event page here and get tickets now.

Now go forth (and we’ll see you there).


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