Unwanted gift cards for the holidays? Turn them into cash.

There's green in that plastic.

Card Sharks

Everyone knows the holiday season is hard on your bank account. How do you recoup your loses once the yuletide log finishes burning and all the fruitcake is eaten?

Meet Raise.com. The site allows users to buy and sell unwanted gift cards at a discounted rate, with the average gift card on the site offered at 16% off its retail price.

Founder Bradley Wasz and current CEO George Bousis first launched the company as CouponTrade in 2010, before rebranding to focus on the gift card market in 2013.

“People can expect to save anywhere from 5% to 40% or more on everyday purchases across a variety of brands,” Bousis said. “We want people to think of shopping on Raise before they spend money at any store. Emotionally, we want them to always feel like they got a raise when they use our website.”

Raise recently received $56 million in Series B funding, topping off a valuation of $500 million.

Late last year, Raise also launched a mobile app to complement their online store.

You can check out Raise here.

Now go forth (and get the gift you deserve).