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Venue of a Kind

The average American city might seem like an overcrowded hive of never-ceasing activity, but in reality, there’s a lot more vacant space than you might think.

So why is it so hard to book a venue for everything from a company offsite to a baby shower?

That’s where Peerspace comes in – it’s the leading global marketplace for booking meeting, event, and production space.

Available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco (including San Jose and Oakland), Seattle, Chicago, and Austin, Peerspace helps users find unique spots to fit any need, surfacing the best, undiscovered spaces your city has to offer.

And it’s not just for company offsites (although it works just great for that). Check out Peerspace next time you’re want to throw a baby shower or produce a photo shoot.

The marketplace is also a great way for small business owners to easily monetize space they’re not using. Listings are free, and Peerspace helps manage pricing, booking, and communications.

Stop booking the back room of your local pub and start celebrating in style.

Explore everything that Peerspace has to offer right here.


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