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Most of these barrels contain wine. The rest are filled with monkeys.

Uproot Wines is making a better bottle for millennials

Last month, the Miracle Machine – a device that promised to turn water into wine in only three days – took the internet by storm. To no one’s surprise the gadget turned out to be a fake. But the hoax did make one thing clear – apparently the tech kids are interested in more than just Four Loko and ironic beer.

Napa- and New York-based Uproot Wines was founded with the belief that the wine industry had no idea how to appeal to millenials (those of legal drinking age, at least).

But that doesn’t mean they’re peddling bottles of wine covered in Lolcats for .04 bitcoins. Uproot offers relatively high-end bottles of wine – prices start at $34 – in limited quantities; the bottle labels are understated infographics that indicate the taste of each.

Founded in 2012 by venture capitalist Jay Levy and financier-turned-winemaker Greg Scheinfeld, Uproot is as much a tech play as it is an old-world winery. “The advantages of being a VC and starting Uproot is we’re able to get insights into leading-edge technologies that other wineries don’t have access to…” Levy said. “There’s an incredible amount of technology, science, and data that goes into winemaking… ”

They’re looking for a social media and marketing superstar out of their New York office – get the details here. They promise not to ask why manhole covers are round.

And if you’d like to try one of Uproot’s debut 2011 varietals, have a look at their offerings here.

Now go forth (and pour).

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