Voodoo Manufacturing provides low-cost 3D printing for the rest of us

Courtesy Voodoo Manufacturing

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In 1983, Chuck Hall’s first ever 3D printer marveled audiences with its ability to print a single prototype within several hours. Jump ahead 30+ years and you can score 3D printed car in about 40 hours.

Despite those massive leaps in tech, there’s still a significant gap between at-home MakerBot tinkerers and those who need high-volume production from companies like Shapeways.

Enter Voodoo Manufacturing. With a fleet of 127 3D printers housed on the 4th floor of a Bushwick, New York factory, the startup offers low-cost and high-speed services to clients looking for Kickstarter prototypes or major companies hoping to fulfill smaller orders.

“We’re taking a lot of that original hype that came out of the low-end, desktop printers and using it to change manufacturing as a whole,” cofounder Max Friefeld told us. “It’s not about distributed printing – it’s more about making low volume production possible, which at its core is what 3D printing is about.”

Friefeld, as well as Voodoo Manufacturing’s three other founders, previously worked at MakerBot, where they built the software for its Innovation Center Management Platform. The team spun out the technology to create Voodoo Manufacturing, and they still maintain a partnership with their former employer.

They’ve worked with clients like Universal Studios, fashion label Chromat, and hardware producer BotFactory.

You can check out Voodoo Manufacturing here.

Now go forth (and print it out).


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