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VSCO is making mobile photography look good

Art, you seek? Go mobile, young man.

Visuals of Grandeur

If Ansel Adams were still alive, we don’t imagine he’d hold the vast majority of smartphone snapshots in high regard. But that’s not to say mobile photography is entirely devoid of art.

Visual Supply Co – VSCO, for short – is the Oakland-based startup behind professional-grade mobile photo editing and sharing app VSCO Cam. Last month, they raised a tidy $30 million Series B round.

The app features camera controls like manual focus, shutter speed, white balance, and exposure compensation as well as an expansive suite of filters and cropping tools. And for photographers looking to escape the ole smartphone-and-chain, VSCO sells photo-editing tools that integrate with Adobe Lightroom.

The company also curates a few hundred images each day, featuring the best the VSCO community has to offer.

“We noticed that it wasn’t that people wanted more content in the world. There’s an overconsumption, if you will—people are looking for a curated voice,” cofounder and CEO Joel Flory said.

You can download VSCO Cam for iOS or Android here.

And if you’re based in the Bay Area or Colorado Springs, you can browse through VSCO’s openings here. They’re hiring everything from mobile engineers to a line cook.

Now go forth (and picture it).


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