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Wakefield’s Dossier – The Week Ahead

Super Bowl Monday is not yet recognized as a national holiday, but judging from the sluggish and bloodshot commuters we witnessed this morning, it should be. In fact, the entire week ahead looks to be a fairly quiet affair – perhaps perfect given the state of things from last night. Read on.

king richard iii

Monday – The Brit Hoffa

Super Bowl victors will be declared today – despite Samsung’s best efforts, no tech company cracked “the TiVo top ten list” (note that we’re disqualifying GoDaddy.com, for being generally despicable). It’s the end of the line for the Canadian penny – the Canadian Mint will stop minting the arch-enemy of American vending machines today. And University of Leicester archaeologists announced today that a skeleton found underneath a central England car park is that of King Richard III.


Tuesday – Game Over?

This should be fun – Zynga releases their earnings today. From a one-time high of $15, the stock closed at $2.66 on Friday – it might be time to start investing in actual farm futures. The Congressional Budget Office releases its economic outlook for the year ahead, and Britain’s Parliament votes on a bill to legalize same-sex unions.

babe ruth

Wednesday – Camp Schumer

The three day Lift Tech Conference, one of Europe’s best, kicks off today in Geneva. President Obama will speak to Senate Democrats who are gathered on a retreat today – it’s unknown if the event will involve trust falls. And it’s Babe Ruth’s 118th birthday today, why not celebrate with a liter of whiskey?

James Gandolfini

Thursday – Pancetta or Panetta

The Apps World conference starts in San Francisco, with nearly 6,000 attendees expected. Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (who really does bear a resemblance to James Gandolfini) will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee to testify about last September’s Libyan U.S. Consulate attack. And NBC’s much-loved (by us, anyway) “Community” returns to the airwaves tonight.

top gun

Friday – Ride My Tail

1986’s homoerotic classic Top Gun is being released in IMAX 3D today for an exclusive six-day engagement. There doesn’t appear to be anything else happening today, so why not make it an all-day affair?

We expect there won’t be any Grammy’s hangover next week, so consider today a brief hiccup.

Now go forth (and make it through the week).

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