Want To Save The World? Find Cybersecurity Jobs At These 7 Startups

You don’t have to don a cape to save the world (though we’re not stopping you from suiting up.) Cybersecurity organizations provide valuable protection for both individuals and organizations all over the world — and many of them are growing fast. Feel like saving the world from a comfortable desk chair? Read on for cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. and beyond.

    • Exabeam: Fresh off a $50 million Series D, Exabeam is primed for major growth as they continue to provide cybersecurity services with the help of machine learning, big data, and analytics. The vast majority of Exabeam’s openings are based at their San Mateo headquarters, but they’ve got a handful of regional roles available from Atlanta to Dublin to Sydney and beyond. See their openings here.
    • Anomali: Identifying a threat to your business that’s right in front of your face is one thing; identifying cyberthreats lurking in the deep recesses of your network is a different challenge entirely. Anomali’s threat detection technology takes that onus off of their clients’ plates. In the same spirit, we’d like to take a Google search off your plate: you can find Anomali’s openings in Redwood City, Belfast, and beyond, here.
    • Wombat Security: A shoddy password on a personal account could put your private information and financial security at risk. A shoddy password on a professional account, meanwhile, could mean dire consequences for the company as a whole. That’s why security education platforms like Wombat are so important to today’s workforce. If you feel compelled to spread the good word of secure web practices on a daily basis, you’re in luck: Wombat is hiring for roles in development, sales, and more, all at their Pittsburgh HQ.
    • Dashlane: Hey, no judgment is your password is still “password” or “123456” (OK, some judgment). To be fair, keeping track of esoteric, complex, and inscrutable passwords can be a pain. Dashlane’s consumer-facing password management platform lets you keep your logins secure and varied. And yes, they’re hiring too, in New York, Paris, San Francisco, and beyond. See what they’ve got open here.
    • Shape Security: Shape is tasked with protecting some of the world’s leading financial, retail, and travel companies’ web and mobile applications. Protecting such prominent clients means making a global impact on cybersecurity, and having prevented more than $1 billion in fraud losses, Shape is certainly positioned to make such a claim. They’re hiring in Mountain View, London, and beyond, here.
    • SonicWall: Of course, the “little guys” need protection, too. SonicWall’s breach detection and prevention solutions have provided security for small and medium-sized businesses for 25 years. Though they’re based in the Bay Area, SonicWall boasts openings all over the world. See them all here.
    • Lookout: As today’s workforce becomes increasingly remote and increasingly reliant on mobile, traditional enterprise security measures no longer provide full cyber protection. Lookout’s mobile security offerings ensure security beyond closed networks. And yes, as you may have predicted, they’re hiring as well.