Tools and Skills

Want to Telecommute? These Are the 13 Tools You Need.

Many toddlers attend Pre-K remotely.

Remote Control

The comforts of telecommuting are seemingly infinite – no commute, an air-conditioner you can control, and the ability to work from bed, to name just a few. But if you’re working from home for a couple days every week or for an extended period of time, you’re going to need to be prepared.

Check out 13 vital tools for any effective telecommute.

Get Focused

Freed from the panopticon of your open office, it’s possible that you will be tempted to spend more time on Facebook than you should. If you find it nearly impossible to control the urge to virtually socialize, there are apps that can help.

SelfControl and Focus for Mac OS allows you to block access to websites, mail servers, and nearly anything else online for a predetermined period of time. Windows users can avail themselves of the Chrome extension StayFocusd.

Maximize Slack

It’s likely you’re already using Slack to stay in touch (or send gif’s), but the massively popular enterprise app also features a slew of bots, integrations, and features to help you manage your work.

The Tatsu plugin allows for asynchronous, stand-up meetings from anywhere in the world. Having trouble keeping up with your channels? Slack Digest will send you a daily email with the most important conversations you might have missed.

And if you’re feeling lonely, check out Slack List for a selection of great communities you can join.

Messenger Apps

Sure, Slack is popular, but there’s a wide world of messaging apps out there, and it can be difficult to track them all. Trillian is a free instant messenger that supports Facebook, Twitter, AIM, ICQ, and a lot more.

Want that experience of someone leaning over your shoulder as you work? Easily share screens with Screenleap, allowing for simple sharing to any device with a browser.

And if you need to experience the pleasures of a conference room, Join Me provides simple video and audio conferencing with no registration required.

The Wifi Hotspot of Choice

Even in 2017, your internet connection can be a fickle thing. If you’re worried about staying online, it’s worth investing in a hotspot to ensure . The Wirecutter is a fan of Verizon Jetpack, a reliable device with great battery life – it’s $50 with a two-year contract.

Stay Sane

Working remote can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lonely, neuroses-addling parade of misery. Try to stay active with a fitness app like Seven, offering simple seven-minute workouts you can do from your living room.

And if you’re looking for peace of mind, Headspace provides guided meditation exercises to aid in stress relief.

Should all that time at home does get you down, check out Coworking In Town – they’ll help you find the best coworking spaces in dozens of cities around the world.