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Meet your new best friend.

Not Just Elementary

You might not be familiar with the term “cognitive computing”, but you almost certainly know its legendary ambassador – IBM’s Watson technology platform.

Processing information more like a human than a machine, IBM’s tech has managed to embarrass Jeopardy! savants, predict the weather, and craft the trailer for a horror movie.

But IBM, and the field of cognitive computing, is doing a lot more than that.

IBM’s cognitive computing team is focused on solving some of the greatest problems of our times – cancer treatment, childhood education, and cybersecurity included.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the efforts to transform everything from style to Sesame Street, then you should check out The Cognitive Computing Odyssey, presented by Uncubed and IBM.

Successful applicants get fast-tracked through the process and will get to spend two days with IBM’s Cognitive Solutions and Research team in Boston, San Francisco, or Austin (all expenses paid).

More than 90% of those who have attended the program received full-time offers in the past, and it’s the best chance you have to see technology at the cutting edge.

Apply and learn more about The Cognitive Computing Odyssey right here.


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