Watch how Peloton made their new treadmill (plus dozens of jobs)


Think exercise equipment is a new phenomenon? Not so. The Romans developed basic treadmill tech in the first century. By 1796, an enterprising Frenchman brought the world the Gymnasticon.

The state of the art now? Peloton.

After delivering with their flagship connected bike, the streaming class platform now has a sleek treadmill. We paid them a visit to get the backstory on how they raced to get it built in time.

(They’re hiring for dozens of roles across skillsets and geographies.)


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This Is How Peloton Raced to Launch Their New Treadmill in Time

Launching their new treadmill at CES 2018 wasn’t simply a time crunch for the Peloton team. It also involved some serious collaboration among the hardware, software, and production teams. Hear from Maureen (Sr. PM), Betina (Software Manager), John (Sr. Mechnanical Engineer) and Nick (Dir. of Production) at Peloton about the process.