We’re getting dumber


Is this thing on?

Screens have broken our brains. Here’s a funny conversation among super-online writers lamenting the loss of attention span, and possibly intellect, at the hands of the internet – and how to save yourself.

Paradoxically (or not), *online* meditation and happiness apps are booming. Headspace is hiring for roles across departments in Santa Monica. 

For the lolz

On the other hand, it turns out that internet shorthand is not the cave scrawls it sometimes feels like. Linguistically, it’s actually quite advanced.   

From the same writer, here’s a technical guide to using irony in text and email. 

Grand openings

Fitness platform Peloton is hiring across roles, including iOS Engineer, Counsel, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, and more.

Clubhouse is hiring across roles including dev, design, marketing, and talent– remote candidates welcome.

Bloom Insurance is hiring developers in Indianapolis.

Kaia Health is hiring a Head of Marketing in Brooklyn.

How the internet ate the office

The boom in tech businesses has overhauled downtowns, with companies vying for urban office space. It’s also overhauled the real estate itself. Here’s a look from Salon

No shortage in real estate tech and related jobs – 200+ open roles here.

Gluten for life

Let’s wrap with some critical news. Olive Garden’s lifetime pasta pass is back after selling out the first time around. Sales start at 2pm ET sharp on 8/15 – the waiting room opens at 1:55.  Perfect for the keto-contrarians out there.