We’ve Got a New Brand and a Whole Lot More to Show You

Wakefield is dead. Long live Uncubed Daily.

See Change

We have some big news to break: starting today, Wakefield is going to be called Uncubed Daily.

You’re still going to get the same great content in your inbox. That doesn’t change.

But what has changed is our business. And adopting the name Uncubed Daily reflects that growth.

When we launched in March of 2012, we had a simple goal for our publication: to help as many people as possible discover the exciting new companies and products that were popping up every day.

Uber was a fledgling car service, Snapchat didn’t yet exist, and WeWork was setting up its first coworking spaces.

But exciting tech is no longer limited to a handful of startups employing a fortunate few. Instead, startups have become corporations: Google has 65,000 employees, Facebook some 13,000, and Uber has 11,000 and climbing fast.

And corporations, in turn, have become startups: General Electric has launched GE Digital, and IBM (an Uncubed partner) has made an enormous investment in the culture of tech at its Watson brand.

In other words, the lines have blurred. All of us have to learn new skills and stay ahead of trends if we want to continue succeeding.

Uncubed has become a one-stop resource for the modern workplace – we deliver skills, jobs, and intel. As we expand our online offerings, the time is right for us to embrace what we’ve become as one brand.

Our new video platform is the only way to learn directly from a variety of innovative companies. Not only does this give you continuous insight into the tools and skills used by top companies, keeping your skill set sharp, it also gives you a look at what it’s like inside that company.

And on the jobs front, we’ve begun to aggregate openings from all of our clients in a single place – this will evolve quickly, but you can see the early version here.

So our daily editorial will now include more tips and tricks to optimize you for modern work, along with the news and deeper dives into topics that you’re used to.

Like any brand, it was a ton of work to develop Wakefield. We loved Wakefield. We still love Wakefield. But it’s time for something new.

So welcome to Uncubed Daily. Thanks for riding along and we look forward to exploring what’s ahead with you.

-Chris Johnson
Co-Founder & CEO